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Our Vision

Elukids strives to empower Sri Lankan children from their first day of school until their first day of employment. We want to develop an «One Sri Lankan Mindset» for our next generation.


Our Mission

Develop the education system from the preschool until A-Level through sustainable actions.

Encourage the self-development and social engagement through after school activities.

Ensure the self-financing of Elukids through creating different revenue streams.



The village is located near to Puttalam. It is one of the most natural landscapes in Sri Lanka with high development potential. Essential challenges in order to promote sustainable development still remain:

#Limited infrastructure and educational opportunities
#Missing awareness regarding the importance of education
#Lack of self-development and earnings for teachers
#Difficult financial resources of the guardians

Our first action is providing access for around 30 children to an independently run preschool in Eluwankulam, which is designed and built from scratch. We pursue the following goals:

#Creating an environment to encourage self-development

#Educating all children socially, academically and disciplinary

#Giving an opportunity for positive learning experience

#Involving all guardians actively in our mission


#people first

Build and strengthen our organization with people.


Our Values

Encourage to take responsibility and to face our challenges together.
Collaborate honestly and present our actions transparently.

Aspire to appear as role models and evolve step by step.

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