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History 2020

31. December 2020

First floor plan

Through Alexandra Elukids takes a big step towards construction planning. Elukids has created a floor plan from the hand sketch.

21. November 2020


The local authority has measured the property of Elukids. The result is an area of around 2400m².

24. August 2020

Bank Account 

Elukids has been able to open a bank account in Sri Lanka with the Commercial Bank. 

09. June 2020


Elukids has an own e-mail domain! From now on you can send messages to or

07. May 2020


Team Switzerland is growing! Maya take over the communication part in Sinhala.

02. April 2020


Through brighterlife, Elukids was able to gain an important networking opportunity. The foundation has experience with projects in Sri Lanka.

02. January 2020


First meeting with the Divisional Secretariat to present the Elukids project. At the same time, an application is made for a plot of land.

30. December 2020


Elukids receives a support contribution from a foundation for the first time. The Elukids community is growing with thethreeffoundation!

29. October 2020


The Department of Education in Wanathavilluwa has sent a letter to Elukids with the official documents required to run a kindergarten.

15. August 2020


Elukids could publish the first post on Instagram. Follow Elukids on @elukids and become part of the growing Elukids community.

07. June 2020


The Elukids homepage is released in English.

06. May 2020


Elukids initiates the process of establishing an organisation in Sri Lanka.

22. March 2020


Our Elukids homepage is online!

28. December 2020

Entry Rasadari

Rasadari will officially join Elukids as its first teacher. Elukids is looking forward to future collaboration.

05. October 2020


The homepage is released in Sinhala. With this action Elukids enables a direct communication with the local people and the Sri Lankan community in Switzerland.

15. July 2020


Unfortunately, it was not possible to reach an agreement with the municipality regarding the property. Elukids is now looking for a private property and wants to guarantee its independence.

06. June 2020


Elukids gets reinforcement! Olivia will work for Elukids in the educational field.

17. April 2020

BAUS baut

A professional analysis and building sketch was created by BAUS baut GmbH. This valuable work of Nina, Jan and Henry provides the framework for the construction planning on site.

20. January 2020


Verbal confirmation regarding the property received!

17. December 2020


Following documents submitted to the Department of Education:

1) Non-competition agreement

2) Temporary property certificate

3) Teacher's diploma

4) Practical experience teacher

5) Collection of signatures

6) Notary confirmation

31. August 2020


Elukids has privately acquired a property in Eluwankulam on which the preschool will be located. Currently, the newly acquired property is still being measured and cleared of trees and bushes.

21. June 2020


There is now a monthly newsletter for the Elukids community with the latest and most important information.

05. June 2020


Elukids is officially approved as an organization in Sri Lanka.

04. April 2020


Marc strengthens the project team in Switzerland! He will be responsible for the Public Relations section.

09. January 2020

Team Sri Lanka

With Suresh, Srikanth and Nawfeek, the Sri Lanka team will be strengthened in Project Support.

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