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Elukids hosts the first community event, which is attended by a gratifying 100 people. Elukids introduces itself to the guests, reports on the beginnings and the history. In addition, the vision and the educational system of the preschool are presented. During a joint dinner, there is a lively exchange with the community. And whoever wants to can stock up on the Elukids annual report and homemade curry powder or be surprised at the raffle.


Elukids is now in possession of its own tuktuk. This was made possible by our new vessel Project Sponsor. The new vehicle ensures that the children from all four locations can be transported to the preschool. Until now, the children from Old and New Eluwankulam had to travel independently.


Now that everyday life has returned to the preschool, more emphasis is being placed on language learning. At the moment, training sessions are taking place in which the focus is on one of the three languages of instruction, Tamil, Sinhalese or English. The aim is that the children acquire the basic vocabulary of each language through small talk.


Preschool starts again after two weeks of holidays. Elukids has set a total of eight weeks of holidays per calendar year. Due to the numerous public holidays in Sri Lanka, the number of holiday weeks differs from those in Switzerland.

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