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There is a change of teachers; Elukids is very happy to welcome Chrishany to the Education Unit.


In August, the children in the preschool learn a lot about movement. On the one hand, they playfully experience movement on their own bodies, and on the other hand, the movements of various objects, such as vehicles or other creatures, are discussed.


Srikanth is a new addition to the Business Unit and takes the lead of the first local business activity. By entering the local rice trade, Elukids aims to act as an intermediary between farmers and rice mills. With the first sale of 9524 kg of rice from Raalmaduwa, a profit of CHF 10/LKR 3’537 is generated. 


For the year 2023, Elukids estimates a budget of CHF 14'500. This sum is divided between the pots operations, school and team. At the moment, the budget has not yet been reached and therefore the goal of securing the financial means for the following year by September has not yet been achieved.


Every day, the teachers pray a Buddhist, Hindu, Christian or Islamic prayer with the preschool children. This makes it possible to integrate all religions into the preschool routine and to strengthen the One Sri Lankan Mindset. Meanwhile, all teachers are able to lead the different prayers.


Elukids decides to welcome children from Raalmaduwa to the preschool. The previous four villages of New and Old Eluwankulam, Gangawadiya and Greenfield remain as "target areas".


With A-level students Hijas and Fazil, the Sportsclub project is launched, where Grade 9 and above students can show off their sporting skills twice a week.

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