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We want to give children between the ages of three and five years a positive entry into the Sri Lankan school system and society. We focus on the following topics:


#Joy, play and fun | #Interaction with people

#Sustainability | #Self-development

#Hygiene | #Religion and culture

#Discipline | #Education



Our pedagogical program is based on the guidelines of Sri Lanka. We want to offer the children an opportunity for social, educational and disciplinary development. We always want to encourage learning through a playful approach.



We are constantly investing in our infrastructure so that every child can be itself and develop their own creativity. We want to create an environment to enable positive and learning experiences.


Classes & Languages

We start with two classes and the children are divided into a younger and an older age group. Our three teachers are in charge of both classes and teach them in Sinhala, Tamil and English.



Our goal is to provide access to our preschool for around 30 children from difficult backgrounds. We distribute our seats according to the following priorities:


#Children without father and mother.

#Children with only single or male female guardian.

#Children without fixed monthly income of guardians.

#Children from the surrounding area.



Living and sharing with each other is always in the center of our attention. We take our meals together. Through cultural and diverse events during the year we strive to strengthen our togetherness.


Nutrition & Hygiene

We attach a high priority to a healthy nutrition and our hygiene.
We always announce what the children should bring as a meal.
Regarding hygiene we work on the following topics:


#Brushing teeth

#Washing hands

#General body care

#Handling wounds



We want to integrate the guardians into our mission as they play an important role. Only with the commitment of the legal guardians is our success guaranteed. The parents should support us in the following areas:

#Organising events

#Accompanying excursions



It’s the decision of our supporters to express their trust in Elukids and make a commitment to our community. Accordingly, we want to represent Elukids in the public.



We aim to secure our financial expenses through sustainable and independently managed activities. We strive to secure the annual budget for the following year in the first nine months of the current year.

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