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In the future, Elukids will be able to deliver the drinking water using our own delivery vehicle! This costs LKR 2'000'000, which corresponds to CHF 5'684. It was financed partly independently and partly on credit.


Elukids is looking for energetic employees for the Cashew Factory. Twice a week, more than 60 interested people come to Elukids as part of the interview process. As of today, 13 people are still in the running.


The teachers are currently preparing the coming school year and in particular the first Preschool Day with great drive and enthusiasm. Welcome packages are being prepared, suitable music selected and the reception for the new children planned.


The first day of school has arrived! The new preschool children receive a warm welcome from the Upper Kindergarten. Over the past two years, the teachers have been able to gain valuable experience, also with regard to the first challenging days at school. To summarise: the first day went very well!

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