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Thanks to Viviane's efforts, Elukids is the proud owner of a recycling hut on the preschool property! This makes it possible to teach the kids how to separate PET, organic and other waste in practice.


The preschool is visited by the four religion representatives. They share with the children the different cultures and religions that are represented in Sri Lanka. This is in accordance with Elukid's vision of "One Sri Lankan Mindset".


9 girls and 32 boys play volleyball together under the leadership of Fazeel and Hijaz. 


Fortunately, Najeefkhan has taken on the role as Operations Officer. He is responsible for the transport of the children, the maintenance of the vehicles like TukTuk and Scooter and supports Elukids in local business activities.


To ensure an independent supply of resources, Elukids is now in possession of a generator. This means that the preschool is optimally equipped for recurring power cuts lasting several hours.

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