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Thanks to the installation of a second filter machine, the volume of filtered Elukids drinking water can be increased from 200L to 400L per hour.


Elukids has big plans in the food sector! We have bought a property for LKR 2'100'000 which equals CHF 5'730. As we need more space for processing the cashew nuts, a cashew factory will be built on this property, with the aim that this business activity will contribute to our self-financing. We have a few construction phases coming up!


We can now be found on Instagram in the Reels! From time to time we will show what is happening in Sri Lanka with this format.


The teacher team is being restructured: Naji and Nithya will each work 80% permanently in the preschool, Chrishany and our newest team member Rasadari will be part of our team with a 40% workload until the end of December this year.

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