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For the year 2023, preschool applications are placed in local shops in Gangawadiya, Old and New Eluwankulam. 16 children will move to primary school next year and 17 children will attend the upper kindergarden (UKG). Elukids has already received applications for the 13 vacant places: one for the UKG and 12 applications for the lower kindergarden (LKG).


The Annual Report 2021 is now available online. The report is full of interesting information about Elukids, so it is worth a visit! Those who prefer to hold the annual report in their hands can still order the printed version here.


According to the wishes of one of the preschool children, a volleyball court will be added to the outdoor area. This gives the children even more freedom to choose their own activities.


The projects to install the school's own solar panels and a water pipe are intended to reduce dependence on the government. This way, the preschool can be reliably supplied with electricity and water, which unfortunately is not guaranteed at the moment.

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