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The first event takes place in the preschool with the New Year Festival. This celebrates the Tamil as well as the Sinhalese New Year. In addition to fun and games, the preschool children are also allowed to eat some delicious food.


Thanks to the Family Supporters, it has been possible to support 16 families with food parcels since April until the end of the year. Due to the economic situation, the financial resources of some families are tight and they are therefore happy to receive basic foodstuffs such as potatoes or flour.


Once a week, Elukids provides breakfast for the preschool children with the support of Devi. This is due to the difficult food situation caused by the economic situation in Sri Lanka.


Due to the fuel shortage, there is currently no possibility to continue the transport of the children to the preschool. Since there will be no fuel until the end of July, the Navy is fortunately supporting Elukids in transferring the children from Gangawadiya.

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