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Najeefkahn starts as a business leader and is responsible for the local business activities. Two of these, which are currently being intensively developed, are rice agriculture and the drinking water business.


After the intensive preparations in April, the Tamil and Sinhalese New Year can now be celebrated with a Preschool Festival. The programme includes various games, the exchange of gifts and musical performances.


This month, we are happy to announce that we have reached another budget - for Elukids Water. Thanks to 15 supporters and with the amount of CHF 6'590/LKR 2'257'001, Elukids is able to supply local households with drinking water.


Thanks to dedicated support, Elukids is able to complete the generator project. The target budget of CHF 1'140/LKR 400'000 has been reached for the generator, which we can use to cover power cuts.


The Cashew Hut is ready! This is an open construction under which various machines and work stations find space to process cashews.

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