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Elukids is happy to welcome our new caretaker Gunathilaka. He will take care of the preschool building, the washroom and the grounds. This includes maintenance work as well as opening the doors in the morning.


Elukids has a first public appearance at the "Together we're better" event. Projects, initiatives and ideas of young people that contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction are considered. Elukids was allowed to be there with its own stand, to present its vision and mission and to meet other exciting organisations.


The current economic crisis in Sri Lanka is having an impact on the daily life of the preschool. Due to the food shortage, the food plan will no longer be followed from mid-April so that the parents can give the children the meals that are currently available. The absences of the children are also increasing, as they have to accompany their parents to work due to a lack of care at home.


The Annual Report 2021 is ready to order. It highlights various topics related to the structures of the association. There are also reports on experiences in Sri Lanka, interviews with the community and interesting facts.

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