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Once a week, an hour-long online development session takes place between Begum and Najrinas as well as Viviane and Olivia. Current topics in the preschool routine are discussed and the needs of the teachers are addressed. Other topics include teaching skills and cooperation with parents.


The unit Operations is going full speed ahead; the newest member Najeefkahn is already actively involved. The team members have weekly personal and hybrid exchanges. Najeefkahn gives insights into the business activities Rice, Water and Cashews, Chrishanthi shares operational information and Dinu the strategic plans between Elukids Switzerland and Sri Lanka.


Thanks to the great efforts of Dinu's brother Anukshan, Elukids now has its own video, showing the beginnings and the journey of Elukids in moving pictures!


Elukids participated at the Young Humanitarian Summit. The aim of the event was to introduce organisations in the field of humanitarian assistance and to create connections. For Elukids, such events are ideal to increase our visibility and to exchange ideas with like-minded people.

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