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Elukids is delighted to announce the promotion of Chrishanthi as Operations Manager.


Viviane is back from her five-month stay in Sri Lanka. During this time, she actively supported the teaching in the preschool and gained some new experiences. Besides Tamil and Sinhalese, Viviane also learned to be more patient. She was also able to experience everyday life in Sri Lanka at first hand. This also included the less pleasant effects of the current economic crisis.


After 25 newsletters, Marc is taking on new responsibilities at Elukids. At the beginning of June, he will move from the Communication Unit to the Business Unit.


Dinu is leaving Switzerland to work with Elukids on the spot. We are excited to see what awaits him in Sri Lanka during this exciting time.


In order to strengthen the cooperation between Switzerland and Sri Lanka, digital tools are increasingly used in education. This includes a digital file that is created for each child. In this file, various things such as developmental progress, parental discussions or special needs of the children are recorded.


Meetings between teachers and parents are being planned. In the future, these two parties will meet once a year to discuss topics concerning the respective child. In this way, the exchange of information between teachers and parents can be intensified.


The Preschool has a garden! Each child was allowed to bring a plant from home to take care of. Plant care is currently a morning highlight for the children.

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