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From birth on, children are constantly developing new skills. In developing countries, as well as in Sri Lanka, only a few children have access to preschool. Moreover, the importance of early education is neglected by the population. As a result, children miss out on important experiences in preschool and key foundations for their educational path. With our association in Eluwankulam, we want to increase the opportunity for children to develop cognitive skills and competencies. At this age pupils need clear structures and values, which also reflects the conviction of Elukids. Our orientation framework is designed to encourage the children to engage in independent discussion and reflection.


Through their own experiences, observations and interactions with other people, the child opens up its own world. The guidance and support of a relationship person, such as a teacher, is fundamental for a positive development. Furthermore, the children must feel comfortable. The corresponding safety and security in our learning environment gives them the opportunity to realise their potential and take on new challenges.

Our goal is to ensure a suitable learning environment with the points mentioned above, so that the children are optimally prepared for everyday school life. With our principles, we make this learning possible:


#Joy, play and fun | #Interaction with people

#Sustainability | #Self-development

#Hygiene | #Religion and culture

#Discipline | #Education


As an association, we want to be part of this stage of development. At the same token, we want to support equal opportunities in education in Sri Lanka. We believe that every child deserves to develop skills for lifelong learning.

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