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In September, the children become more familiar with the hygiene topics of brushing their teeth and washing their hands. Every week, everyone brushes their teeth together in the preschool under supervision. The children really enjoy this, as you can see from this month's starting picture.


The preschool places for next year have been allocated. A total of 16 children will attend the Preschool; two each from New Eluwankulam and Gangawadiya, one from Old Eluwankulam, four from Raalmaduwa and seven from Greenfield. Thus, 9 children will attend the Lower Kindergarten and 24 the Upper Kindergarten.


With the help of seven volunteer teachers, a tuition programme is being carried out on a trial basis until the end of the year. In this way, primary school pupils who receive too little education in the public school are supported. Classes are held three times a week for one hour with focus on the three languages Tamil, Sinhalese and English.


Children's Day on 1 October is an annual celebration of children and their rights. To mark the occasion, an event is held at the preschool. The preschool children come well dressed and can show off their skills at a talent show, play games or dance. They also receive a small gift of chocolate to snack on. 

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