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Elukids is now able to supply the surrounding households with drinking water on a daily basis. Our filter system and water tank, as well as a rented pick-up with a 1000 litre mobile water tank, make this possible.


Dinu and Olivia J. travel to Sri Lanka to play through the processing of the cashews and optimise the process. Production this time is for Friends & Family and the first feedback is gathered. However, the cashews are now also available in our new shop for anyone who is interested.


We warmly welcome our newest Preschool Teacher addition! Nithya, who is from Sinnanagawillu, starts with a workload of 80%.


We are delighted that Dilshan is delivering our Elukid drinking water to the households and welcome him! Until Dilshan gets support from a second driver, he has agreed to deliver the Elukids water every day.


The monthly curriculum topics for June in the Preschool revolve around nutrition. The children learn how grocery shopping works, what healthy meals and drinks are and receive a cooking demonstration from the teachers.

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