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Elukids publishes its first LinkedIn post. Via LinkedIn we want to become even more visible and share the Elukids highlights as well as challenges and struggles. Click here to go to the LinkedIn post.


Festival preparations are in full progress at the preschool. With this festival, which will take place in May, the Sinhalese and Tamil New Year in April will be celebrated again, eaten and various games played. Among other things, the children are already practising rope pulling.


A big day for Dinu, Viviane and Olivia! They were invited to present Elukids in front of 1000 students at the Kantonsschule Bülach. The students were very grateful listeners and as a nice side effect of the performance, Elukids now has twice as many Instagram followers.


On the Elukids Day, Team Switzerland spends a day together collecting new ideas, listening to thematic inputs and, of course, eating well.

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