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In order to further optimise the processing of the cashews and to bring the quality to a higher level, the second test run starts. In the course of this, 50kg of cashew nuts will be processed. The flavours pepper and salt, which are already available in our shop, are being developed.


From now on, Nimali will support Gunathilaka with the care taker work and will be present at the Preschool every friday.


The first construction phase of the Cashew Factory begins! The foundation is the beginning of the construction process, as it was for the preschool. The floor is concreted, the outside area is levelled with sand and the floor plans of the rooms are already visible.


The second Parents Meeting of the Preschool year is taking place. In the informative part, the new teacher constellations are discussed and an insight into the learning topics is given. The second half of the meeting includes interactive tasks for the parents.

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