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Elukids has entered the cashew business! We buy the cashews locally from cashew plantations we know. Then we process and package them ourselves. We have already successfully imported them into Switzerland and you can currently try the cashews at ZOE in Basel!


We have the support of 3 dedicated volunteers! Mauro entertains the children with musical sequences, Sebastian provides knowledge about medical topics and Belinda shows our preschool teachers possibilities in the field of teaching.


The first Parents Meeting of this year takes place, with both parents attending, if possible. Information is provided on various topics.


You can follow the Elukids activities on site even more regularly via Instagram. Take a look when you get the chance!


The first day of school in the new school year is a highlight for our preschool teachers. It is very peaceful and the new Upper Kindergarten kids, who have already been with Elukids for a year, support the new kids.

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